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      10 June 2013

Moving Essentials is your one stop source for cartons and moving supplies. If you are looking for ways to economize self-packing, Moving Essentials is the best place to start as we provide high quality purpose-built cartons as well as all the necessary accessories to conduct your own move or to pack your items into storage.
If you feel that you are capable of handling your own move and would like to save on the cost of engaging the services of a professional moving company, you can find all your moving needs here at Moving Essentials.
Moving Essentials can provide you with sound advice and proper materials. But you will need to plan the packing process. Take an inventory of what you will be moving and identify those items that you will need until moving day. Begin by packing less essential items first well in advance of your move.
Obviously, not everything will fit in a box. Furniture and major appliances will have to be shrink-wrapped. And light-weight, non-fragile items such as light clothing can be left in dresser drawers.

To ensure adequate protection, anything that is loose and / or breakable should be wrapped and packed in sturdy cartons.