Testimonial by Tan Boon Teck  
Last time I moved, the local mover provide me FREE CARTONS, but I do not recommend you getting boxes from them as they usually provide you used liquor, fruit and food cartons collected from local supermarket or hawker centres. These boxes are often flimsy and can carry insects because foodstuffs surround them. Always use double-corrugated boxes, not single. The stronger your boxes, the better chance your goods have surviving any mishaps, should they occur. Thank you Moving Essentials for your great help.
Testimonial by Evelyn Tan  
Your supplies are of good quality and your people are very customer-oriented and reliable. Keep up the good job! I have already recommended you to a few of my friends.
Testimonial by Adilah Aziz  
It’s a breeze to pack my long dress in your wardrobe carton – right size and good design carton. It eases my anxiety. I appreciate all your help in delivering the cartons & wrapping papers well in advance. I will certainly recommend you guys to anyone and everyone in a similar situation.
Testimonial by Lim Kim Huat  
Nice to know that I do not have to pay Good and Services Tax (GST). Your selections of moving items were excellent and will surely save me a great deal of time. Great one-stop moving supply shop!!!
Testimonial by George Adam  
Ordering was easy! I love your system as I’m a very computer person. No phone calls required and your response time was great!
Testimonial by Jim Booth  
I moved 3 times in the past 8 years. In the past, the local transporter provided us large and bulky assorted boxes. After packing we couldn’t even move to the next bedroom. On the day of the move, the transporter sent three dark guys, even though they were strong, they have great difficulty loading our boxes into their van. The move dragged to past 8 pm. When we unpacked, we have a lot of damages and it was stressful. We couldn’t prevent this the last time as the local transporter didn’t supply new boxes. We tried IKEA, but their boxes were expensive and they are meant for books and storage.

My friend recently moved and she told me that Moving Essentials sell new, high-quality packing materials specifically designed for moving to better ensure your items will safely arrive. Last month when I moved, I ordered the moving cartons from you. I was surprised that Moving Essentials' moving cartons come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are specifically suited to fit a variety of household goods. You exceeded our expectations and your prices are reasonable and affordable by most people.
Testimonial by Deereshmenma Deva  
You have provided very detailed info on your website which makes ordering what I need so simple. Quality and value! I’ll definitely recommend your website to my other friends.
Testimonial by Mustapha Idham  
It’s difficult to purchase good, quality and new cartons. I’m glad I’ve found you guys!
Testimonial by Bernard Lee  
Thank you for offering us many types of cartons. I no longer have to put up with dirty boxes from the vendors. I am very particular about packing my own personal items in new cartons from my bedroom drawer. Moving Essentials clothing boxes are shaped like “large suitcases” & we are able to lay our clothes neatly. In fact, the boxes were strong and neat so that we could use it to store the unused items in our store room.

The label you provided outside the boxes are extremely useful. We could all write our name, the contents, and tick the respective room on the cartons we want the packed boxes to go in our new house. After discovering you, we find moving stress-free. I will surely tell my friends and my daughter is going to inform her friends at the NUS.

We are fortunate to have you. You certainly come in most handy for anyone moving office and home.
Testimonial by Tan Seng Nam  
I would like to say that I was so impressed with your website and your service. My boxes were delivered today well before 4pm. The delivery crews were efficient and friendly. Thank you so much. You have taken the stress out of getting moving supplies!
Testimonial by Chandran Ratnagopal  
I have been particularly impressed by the cartons and the services provided. Whatever we want to pack, you have the correct sizes. Nothing was too much trouble. Definitely way exceeds our expectations.
Testimonial by Adrian Koh Seng Kong  
I received my boxes just as promised. I am delighted with the ease and convenience. Thank you for keeping to the promises. I will be recommending you to all my friends that are moving.
Testimonial by Terry Merchant  
We were relocating our office and were very impressed with how fast you delivered our moving supplies. Thumbs up!
Testimonial by Ahmad Shankri  
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. It is nice to use a company who deliver what they say. Fast delivery, received my packages on the next day.
Testimonial by Joe Chu  
No complaints - I'm a returning customer!
Testimonial by Jothi Krishnan  
At such prices, I was pleasantly surprised of the quality of materials (double-ply). I could also order the wrapping materials and packing accessories at the same time –all under one roof. It is so convenient and easy. Thank you for providing such a service.
Testimonial by Irene Chua  
Thanks for the prompt order-the boxes are terrific, everything was BETTER than promised. Moving Essentials makes shopping on the internet a pleasure. - you can use this comment for feedback if you like - you run an excellent business!
Testimonial by Sean Kilcarr  
Thank you very much for delivering the supplies so quickly. Your website was by far the best out of all of the box companies I have looked at - it was easy to find everything I need and very easy to order. Thanks a lot!
Testimonial by Charles McDaniel
Good morning. I did complete another purchase successfully and have received my order and is quite satisfied. Thank you very much for the excellent service.
Testimonial by Peter Blom  
Thank you for your quick and efficient service!
Testimonial by Martin Lee  
Your selection is terrific! Every size box, including the specialty types! You have helped make our move so much easier. Delivery was fast and your prices are too much better than what the other moving companies charge. Very impressed overall - easy to navigate site & order items, excellent delivery time, excellent product quality and very nice delivery team.
Testimonial by Cheryl Ho  
Thank you for your follow-up for my moving experience. I purchase the product and the entire process from moving, ordering and receiving product was GREAT.
Thank you! Again...thank you...& have a GREAT DAY!